What massage should I book if I woke up with a painful neck?

Hey guys,

Just got a very sore neck one morning last week when I woke up. It wasn’t as bad as having restricted movement but it was really painful and it has lasted for a week now until it totally faded away. In general I have this issue every maybe 2 months. What massage should I get? And how can avoid this happening? Thank you!

Hi Quin,

Thanks for your question.

Can I ask you does this happen when you have very hectic and stressful schedule? Have you noticed that pattern? On top of if your working out loads maybe?

Also it can happen if sleeping in hotel rooms when travelling if air conditioning is on at night, or an open window when it’s cold?

When you say pain, was the pain just tight sore pain? Or was it sharp pain? If sharp pain I would see an Osteopath first incase it’s something else, like a facet joint that clamps onto the nerves? Or if it’s tight muscle then a sports massage would be great.

Here’s some stretches for your neck for you to do in the meantime, hopefully they help.

https://youtu.be/ABV47WMe4lc - Scalenes stretches

Levator scapulae stretches - https://youtu.be/F8oDQEwbAuI

How to fix a stiff neck - https://youtu.be/AD6YTTb5WQY

Myself. deep tissue first , then sports massage should help. Deep tissue to bring relief, sports massage to find long lasting solution.

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