Insomnia/sleep disorder

Can Deep Tissue massage therapy help with insomnia/sleep disorder? :thinking:

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Have you considered relaxing massage?
Deep tissue might be to intense for your sleep issues… Relaxation massage main focus is to give the client a Zen experience using less intense techniques. Hope this helps x

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Hi, combination of good deep tissue massage and my boring personality almost guarantee that you will become sleepy during/after session. What works for me is taking 20 deep breaths while in bed- it clears mind and lowers heart rate.
Good luck


Hi Albert,
Can you tell us a little more, are you clinically diagnosed with Insomnia/sleep disorders? Do you have to go to sleep school every so often? And are you on any medication?

Or you just find it hard to sleep at night?

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Sometimes I just it find difficult to fall asleep and no I don’t take any medication

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That’s great, so a massage can help relax you. However what are you bedtime habbits before going to bed? Do you watch much TV before bed? Glaring screens, such as mobile or tablet? Do you smoke before bed, the nicotine can keep you awake? Drink alcohol before bed, even a glass of wine or beer can disturb sleep patterns? As these can also effect you, as they are all stimulants.

Otherwise as @jacek says our boring personalities can bore you to sleep during a deep tissue/ relaxing massage. And it’s good to take some deep breaths and try and meditate, let the day that’s happened, to disappear from your mind and calm.down the senses.