Is it best to ask a therapist to focus on one/two or multiple areas during a 60 minute deep tissue massage?

Just asking to make sure I get the most out of my massages, and to enable the therapist the right amount of time to focus on certain areas.

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Good afternoon Larne,

Thanks for your question.

Yes if you have a specific muscular problem, then 60 minutes is best for a specific treatment. That way time is not wasted working on full body.

There’s different ways this can be done. As a therapist I don’t really mind what treatment is booked be it sports massage or deep tissue. It just depends what your goal is. If it’s to release contractured muscles, then I would say focus on the specific areas, or say 2-3 areas maximum, with stretches included if necessary.

Deep tissue would generally be a full body treatment with deep pressure, so for best results I would pick a therapist who does both Deep tissue and sports massage, so you can get the best of the treatment.

If you feel like you need to relax if you have had a busy week, then you can have full body with a little more emphasis on the sore areas.

Hope this helps?

Thank you for all the detail!

Sounds great!

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