What's the difference between Relaxing and Urban Classic massage?

I am a bit confused about what to book to relieve my anxiety.

The approach would be the mainly difference.

Relaxing is a lighter whole-body hands-on treatment, with long strokes and gentle kneading.
With a relaxation massage, relaxing you is the only aim. It’s for when you want to feel pampered.
I would recommend a soft spa type of music to create a nice ambience.

In Urban Classic, we can use different techniques to help your body to relax, such as rhythmic rocking.
If you have trouble areas (like tight shoulders, neck pain etc…) it will help to release the tension but leaving you relaxed afterwards.
(We may recommend a deep tissue massage, if you need a deeper work).

Relaxing could fall under our Urban Curates treatments too. So if you like aromatherapy included, there are also the options from Neom and Also Aveda Stress fix treatments. Which are also great to relax with luxurious treatments.

To be honest, massage is relaxing, unless it’s more sports or deep tissue massage. There’s only a certain amount of techniques massage therapists can learn so I always want to know how you want to feel and if someone has anxiety do slow techniques that I have learnt from all the courses I’ve done, from Thai massage, pregnancy, sports, deep tissue, Thai foot, Indian head, so adapting the treatment for you.

For example 90 mins is best for anxiety unless you don’t like 90 mins because you have a busy over active mind? Then 60 mins is good for you. 90 mins is ideal if you can switch off your mind. “Imagine you are floating in your favourite sea, with mossy green mountains around you and a clear blue sky, with the sun shining on you, melting away your tensions” or imagine you are in your favourite place to relax, maybe the countryside? Maybe a pure white light surrounding you, to give you love. With each breath in you breathe in self love, nourishment for the body, being in the moment. As you breathe out, you breathe out toxicity, stress, anxiety, self hate… And breathe in self love, nourishment for the mind body and soul.