I have a severe headache. Is it safe to have any type of massage during this?

I want to be sure before I go on to take the massage.

I would wait till your feeling better before ha ong a massage

Would always advise for the head to pass. In the meantime plenty of water and rest if possible. after 24 hours the consult with GP if symptoms have not improved.

During the consultation with the client specially a client who suffer from headache it’s very important for the therapist to communicate with the client about their condition.
It depends, do you have this severe headache for longtime, is it caused by using your computer, phone, reading , stresses or tension, cold etc. And do you take any medication, if so what type of medication. Do you have high blood pressure, if so again do you take any medication for that. Any dizziness etc. It’s very important for the therapist to know , if you have any medical condition or any abnormality. If nothing of the above then it could be just a muscle tension.

And yes massage can help. Both tension headaches and migraines have been effectively treated by massage therapy. Massage help relieve headache pain, relieves muscle spasms/tension ,help loosen chronically tight muscles and taught bands of tissue.

I had many clients with migraines and after the massage session they feel amazing. Even some of my clients they get advised by their physio to have massage sessions for the head neck & shoulders.

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It depends on the the condition, and depends on the individual. What do you mean by severe headache? Is it a sudden, new, severe headache that comes with weakness, dizziness, sudden loss of balance or falling, numbness or tingling, or can’t move your body? If so, then you need to seek medical help right away. Do you have migraine?