Is it bad to have a massage when you have the flu?

I often hear that it is but does it not help flush the toxins out of you? (so long as you drink a lot of water?)

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Hi Lestat,

If you have a cold / flu, it is recommended you wait to recover.
This could be passed on to the therapist performing the treatment and as the immune system is vulnerable at this point, performing a massage will circulate this around your system. Prolonging recovery time.


Hi Lestat,

Thanks for your question, I wouldn’t have a massage whilst you are still sneezing or coughing or with a fever, because your body systems will be working hard to fight the virus/ infection. When you have recovered, then a massage can help to boost the immune system.

Drinking water doesn’t really flush out toxins, of you want to cleanse your body I would do a Keto diet maybe 4/5 weeks post recovery to cleanse the body.

For your body to actually detox, you need to put your body through Ketosis.

Drinking water will help hydrate you whilst diluting toxins, but also eating good foods will help.

Also here is a natural remedies ideas for you too -

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A massage is a totally contraindicated when you have a flu. It can make the patient feel worse and the therapist is at risk to get the flu as well. So, better to wait to get rid of the flu, then have the massage treatment.