Can I drink alcohol before a massage?

I have leaving drinks with some colleagues before.

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Ideally you would not have any alcohol before a treatment. However I’ve also worked at gigs/ festivals so of course some people will be slightly tipsy. If people are obviously drunk then I turn them away, as massage will magnify any symptoms of alcohol in the body, can make you feel much worse too.

The reason is your liver is working hard to clean your body so Massage puts more stress on to the circulation, and you would feel woosey, nausea, so that’s really not relaxing for you.

So best not to drink alcohol at all before a treatment, or if you have no choice then last drink 4/5 hours before treatment. And drink some water before too. As drinking alcohol or recreational drugs are seen as contraindications, meant you can’t have a treatment.


Only if you share some with your therapist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: