What massage oil do you use? What are the different types and benefits?

I want to make sure my therapist uses the right oil that helps to relieve my neck pain. Can you help?

So first of all we would need to know what your neck pain is? Is it just muscular, sore and achey or is it sharp?

Let’s go with sharp pain first. So your having sharp pain in the neck, I would advise you see a physio or Osteopath first. As they will do advanced orthopaedic testing to see the actual root cause. If it’s say a facet joint clamping down onto a nerve they can do a spinal manipulation and some soft tissue work to improve the condition of the tissues.

Also what’s really popular right now too and really effective is Shockwave therapy. This really gets deep in to the tissues, Even joints to help break down fibrotic tissues.

If it’s muscular, maybe a light sharp pain, then as a Therapist I would use something anti inflammatory. See where the tightest points are and if any restrictions of movement. Oils wise I would either want to use something like tiger balm or fisiocrem which actually help reduce inflammation as they have ingredients like Arnica and camphor.

Anything antiinflammatory is good for muscular tension, and these can be cooling too.


Here is a link to a comprehensive list of massage oils and their benefits. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stylecraze.com/articles/body-massage-oils-and-their-benefits/%3Famp%3D1

I personally have three fragrances oils with the base oil being grape seed, cannabis sativa or jojoba or a non fragranced lotion “naqi lotion”.

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Essential oil toxicity


Shockwave therapy - https://shockwave-therapy.co.uk/

Great for tendinopathies, plantar fascitis, spine, ankle and foot injuries including diabetes.


Prices are around £5k for portable units. Some companies might do hire lease.