First Time Waxing...

I want to try waxing but I want to start with areas as painless as possible…

Which treatment(s) would be recommended for a gradual introduction

Hi Mizanli,

A good (and small) place to start would be perhaps upperlip/chin or underarm. I wouldn’t say brows as brows are very particular, and you may be worried that therapist might alter your brow shape (although skilled therapists will most definitely not!). You can’t really go wrong with the areas suggested, as it doesnt involve shaping.

Bare in mind also, that everybody’s pain threshold is different-what might be super painful to you, might feel completely fine for somebody else! and hormones can play a part in how painful something might feel as well.

That said, there are loads of benefits to waxing, which after a few sessions you will see for yourself :slight_smile: