Waxing and roaccutane

Are there areas I can’t have waxing on roaccutane treatment?

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your question. It’s advisable NOT to have any waxing or dermabrasion or exfoliating treatments in your skin whilst having Roaccutane treatment.

Never use a washcloth or any exfoliating gel or brush when you 're on Accutane . Waxing or laser hair removal is a no-no during Accutane . Waxing will pull on your skin and cause a wound that may leave brown spots.

So please don’t book any of these treatments until you have finished your course of medicine, and you will need to wait 6 months post medicine treatment.

I hope this helps, and I’m sorry to bear bad news especially if you really want it done. But we would rather look after you. And see you when your able too.