Can I request my therapist to use Deep Heat or Capsicum cream instead of oil?

I have the feeling that that would help my neck pain a bit better.

The therapists have limited room in Thier bags especially therapists traveling by public transport, if we were to carry everyone’s specific needs, we would need helicopters to move around London. Also bearing in mind people can be allergic to them.

So therapists will more then likely have a plain grapeseed oil, or other plain carrier oil. And maybe a lotion or a scented mixed oil.

If you really want the deep heat or capsicum because you have used it before and you find it really helps, then it’s best to buy it for yourself, on your way home. But just used on the localised areas rather then full body.

I use one called Fisio creme which is amazing, it’s a cooling sensation, with Arnica, camphor, st Johns wort, calendula, hypericum so really anti inflammatory.

I do carry deep heat, tiger balm white & Red and also voltarol as standard. @jonathanc is correct you can buy your own topical cream or gel but not all therapists will be happy to do a deep heat massage. This is the benefit of this forum in that it helps you to identify therapists who can meet some more specific preferences you have.