Slipped discs


I’ve got three slipped discs and had three surgeries (injections and laser). I’m struggling with the right exercises to help take away the pain and now seen a few different physios.

What do you recommend as the best exercises to help reduce inflammation and nerve pain?


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Hi Steve,

Just wondering what kind of exercises the Physios have given you?

There are a few things you can do which can help. Have you heard of McKenzie extensions?

Also might be worth checking out IDD therapy too, which is a computerised spinal decompression therapy

Thanks Jonathan,

I’ve attached the exercises I was given. Also they advised including hamstring stretches, placing a towel around my foot and then trying to stretch my hamstring as far as possible.00 54 51 - Athlean x on how to fix bulging discs

Awesome thanks Jonathan, really appreciate it!

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