Do you take Statins medication?

Do you take Statins?

Have you noticed you get severe muscle cramps?

I treated someone the other day they have been ok for the last 2 years, and all of a sudden they are getting incrutiating muscle cramps / spasm in Thier calves. Could be blood flow to the muscle isn’t good enough, which is creating too much anaerobic respiration in the muscles creating this, among other things. Also check out for Statins and maybe some natural therapies you can add to your orthodox medicine.

I’ve advise him to see his Dr incase the dose is too high, but also here is some information too, on the drugs that might less likely cause muscle spasms, but I’m not a Dr, so always seek medical advice

Simvastatin is the most likely to cause muscle pain , and fluvastatin and pitavastatin are the least likely