Do facials help with hyperpigmentation?

I’ve been thinking about booking one to help with hyperpigmentation that occurred over summer while I was using topical tretinoin.

Hi Alice,
Hyperpigmentation generally occurs when the skin produces more melanin, thus making patches of skin or spots appear darker than its surrounding areas. Sun exposure can definitely cause this, but there are other causes too.
Facials can help, however as you wont be having them everyday (i assume) it might take longer than usual to see effects. Even with facials, it depends entirely on the ingredients in the products used, as opposed to just having the treatment.
Ingredients such as:
-kojic acid

  • retinoids
  • vitamin C
    help alot with reducing the appearance/evening the tone of affected areas. Side note: The Dermalogica Powerbright trx range is amazing for hyperpigmentation. If you do have a facial, i suggest having one where therapist uses these products! x