Will gel manicures effect my natural nails if I have them every month?

I want to be sure I do the right thing. Many thanks for your help in advance. I now have a treatment every month.

All depends on who’s doing it. if the nail technician over buffs the natural nails that will cause damage not the product

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I do my own gel mani every 2 weeks very rarely 3… it shouldn’t cause damage if done properly however the nail surface does need to be buffed for the gel to adhere to the nail plate. This does thin out the natural nails a tiny bit but as long as the therapist is using a white block type buffer that doesn’t thin out the nail. If they use a nail file to buff or a different buffer which is more rougher, that will thin the natural nails a lot more… your natural nails take 3-6 months to grow out completely (depending on the person) and toenails even longer… Tese can depend on a lot of things like : diet, age, hormones, sleep, exercise, lifestyle and uv exposure/ season (summer time) as that will make them grow quicker! I don’t have any damage on my natural nails from having gel, what I find that they can grow out more and I could have them longer as I feel like this way they don’t break as easily, but clients might not appreciate me scratching them during a treatment… Plus having a good manicure (cuticle work etc) stops me from picking at my hands and when they do look nicer, I tend to look after them more (using cuticle oils etc etc…)
Based on the initial question having gel mani once a mont would mean getting your nail plate buffed 3-6times which if done properly should not cause damage. Products I don’t find to be causing damage other than the acetone which is quite drying but using a cream/ moisturiser helps that a lot not to have an issue with it!