Who has suggestions for clean and natural nail polishes that are non-toxic?

I want to use natural non-toxic products.


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Which shade would you recommend?

What is the event your going to? Or special occasion? What colour outfit are you wearing? Or what kind of style do you want to achieve? :smile:


IBX nail strengthening treatment. :point_up_2:

Kure Bazaar - vegan friendly nail care and beauty


How do you want to feel and look? Sophisticated? Sassy? Crazy? Fun? Classy? Wild?

For the lady that can’t decide what colour to go for… Take a quiz … https://www.purewow.com/beauty/Quiz-What-Nail-Polish-Color-Should-You-Really-Be-Wearing?utm_source=huffpo&utm_medium=syndication&utm_campaign=nailquiz

This one is lovely, pumice in the handwash to soften the skin, and the hand balm is a real treat after a long day. Dont forget to massage into the nail bed. Earthy and sweet all at the same time.

I would generally go for a nude for work. Brights for day and rich but cool tones for nights.
I avoid white… it looks like Tippex!

I absolutely love this brand!