Emotional as part of wellness

Hi. Good afternoon everyone. As a therapist as positive can we keep ourself often; I was so distress yesterday when i heard the news that i won’t be attending a course that i long waited for despite i have done it before, I become emotional breakdown. Is this good for us as a therapist? I dislike it when people don’t believe me it hurt my feeling. How should we avoid emotional breakdown!



Hi Susan
Theres no way to avoid feelings the good and the bad.
I believe all we can do is stop reflect breath and realluse as bad as things may seem at the time some situations are beyond our control.
It is disappointing to be let down but im sure a new course date will pop up and youll get the opportunity to gain or update your skills. Take care and dont take things personally :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Susan,

Sorry to hear the unfortunate news, it is disappointing.

Is there any chance of recompense?

Maybe when you’re feeling a little better you can get in touch and have a chat about it?

I wish you all the best. X